Agreement for Performance of Work (APW) for Contracting IT & Communication Firms

Agreement for Performance of Work (APW) for Contracting IT & Communication Firms Development and updating of Digital SDG3 Pakistan web-based application, dashboard and mobile-based applications for monitoring and reporting of health-related Goals and targets






Pakistan adopted SDGs as a national development agenda in February 2016 through a parliamentary resolution that was passed unanimously. This strategic shift puts considerable responsibility on the Government and development partners to address the unfinished agenda of MDGs while along with the additional SDGs through development cooperation for strengthening public institutions, social policies and planning development programmes. Health is critical to all SDGs. SDG-3, the health-related goal, aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages; it is underpinned by 13 targets that cover a wide spectrum of WHO’s work. Almost all the other 16 goals are directly or indirectly related to health. Therefore, the SDGs provides a platform for multi-sectoral collaboration and sectoral linkages to achieve the 2030 sustainable development agenda including the health-related targets under SDG3.


Purpose of the assignment


WHO Pakistan is providing technical support to the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination (MoNHSR&C) as well as Provincial Health Departments for SDG-3 implementation in Pakistan. Under this the localization of SDG-3 global targets and indicators for Pakistan was completed and endorsed in 2018 through a multi-stakeholder consultative and consensus-building process at the national and the provincial level under the leadership of MoNHSR&C. A National level web-based dashboard and Android App and IOS app were developed and published to reflect progress status of the health-related SDGs in Pakistan including localized indicators, baseline, and targets for informed policy making.


The purpose of this assignment is to strengthen SDG-3 monitoring and reporting system for Pakistan through strengthening the existing web-based dashboard, Android and IOS apps. The expansion in scope, features and functions include data disaggregation (by sex/gender and age) at the provincial and area levels localized for the SDG-3 targets and indicators; and linking them with PHIS/HMIS/DHIS/IHR/SDG-3 dashboards of MoNHSR&C and the SDGs dashboard of Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives for inter-sectoral linkages. This proposed digital web-based monitoring and reporting system would help to show automatically updated progress on each target at national and sub-national levels; generate yearly progress reports including Voluntary National Reviews on the health-related SDGs; provide the evidence to inform policies, programming and service delivery, and allow continuous monitoring and reporting on the localized SDG-3 targets for Pakistan to address performance gaps.


Tasks and Deliverables


1. Update existing web-based application, dashboards, Android and IOS apps including publishing and activation through google play and apple stores with maintenance and activation for at least 2 years.


2. Expansion of functional and operational scope of web-based application, dashboards, Android and IOS apps turning them to SDG-3 monitoring and reporting system through addition of following new features and functions;


2.1 Disaggregation by provincial/area SDG-3 localized targets and indicator (6 provinces) with addition of more indicators as agreed by national stakeholders


2.2. Disaggregation of all national and provincial/area indicators by sex/gender and age with addition of more indicators


2.3. Universal Health Coverage Index (all indicators) at National, Provincial/area and district level


2.4. Infographics of population and demographic related information at a glance


2.5.Population Density Map by district– Map should be interactive – Density of Population should be represented with light to dark colors


2.6. Infographics, trend, baseline, targets and progress of SDG 3 indicators in three major areas such as Impact, Process and other indicators both at the national and provincial/area level


2.7. infographics on progress of key indicators at the national and Provincial/Area level


3. Addition of features for linkages with Pakistan Health Information System/HMIS/DHIS/SDG-3 dashboards of MoNHSR&C and SDGs dashboard of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives to ensure consistency of data and information on key platforms


4. Addition of inter-sectoral linkages and alignment feature with other SDGs target where relevant through dashboards of sectoral Ministries OR SDGs dashboard of Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives


5. Addition of features for linkages with the IHR dashboard as well as COVID-19 dashboard to analyse impact of pandemic on SDG-3 localized targets


6. Addition of features to reflect analytical progress of SDG-3 localized National and Provincial/Area localized targets and indicators in the form of graphs, illustrations, diagrams and info-graphs with multiple legends


7. Addition of feature for review of socio-economic indicators and equity factors for localized SDG-3 targets to support costing exercise as well as key challenges based on the guidance of WHO’s Heat-Plus software and tool


8. Presentation of all products of web-based dashboards and apps covering all above features in consultative, peer review meetings


Duration of Assignment: 30 days spread over 45 days


Supervision: The selected IT and communication firm would work under the technical oversight of the concerned unit of MoNHSR&C and WHO Pakistan focal person for SDGs.


Assignment Budget and Schedule of Payments:


Proposed budget request by applicant firm as part of application proposal should be Inclusive of all items and costing, quotations


0% upon signature of APW agreement

50% on submission of the inception report

0% on submission/presentation of first draft products of web-based dashboards and apps covering all required features in tasks and deliverables

50% on submission/presentation of final products of web-based dashboards and apps covering all features in tasks and deliverables after incorporating feedback of MoNHSR&C and WHO as well as consultative meetings.


Required Eligibility, Qualifications & Experience


An Information Technology (IT) and communication firm/organization/production house is required for this assignment. Individual consultants are not encouraged to apply. The firm should have team members with the following qualifications and experience:


Registration of Consultancy Firm with SECP and PSEB

University Degree preferably MS Computer Science / Software Engineering

Minimum 7 years of experience in IT and web-based solutions for companies and development sector, Ministries, Government departments. Professional experience with the public health sector would be an asset

Prior experience of developing similar IT products, dashboards and mobile applications for development sector particularly public health would be an asset

Demonstrated skills of dealing with  Android / IOS, Web Application, Open Source technologies, Integration with existing MISs, Designing of Infographics and analytical dashboards

Ability to confer innovative ideas and features regarding the latest digital, web-based, IT products and technology

Ability to deliver work on time and adhere to tight schedules.


To Apply:


  • Applicant IT & Communication firms are required to submit the following documents with the application by e-mail at by 19th July 2020 (PST). Note: Subject of the email should be "Development/updating Digital SDG3 Pak web-based application" and the email size must not exceed 5MBs, in case the email size is more than 5MB, please send in parts.


  • A short proposal outlining the methodology and plan for deliverables with timeline and budget on firm’s letterheads


  • Quotation of costs of each product on the company’s letterhead


  • Profile of the company highlighting its previous experiences and products


  • The team lead must be a Project Manager of IT projects. The team shall also include software developers, database administrators, server administrators, software quality controllers, public health specialists and M&E specialists. The team should be a holder of a Degree in Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Sciences, Software Engineering or any other related Degree. (proof of expertise may be submitted in shape of CVs).