Health Minister Addresses Commonwealth Health Minister's at World Health Assembly

May 22, 2017

 Islamabad: May 22, 2017. Our   Government   recognizes   the   right   of   every individual   to   access   health   care   and   there   is   the highest level of Political Commitment in Pakistan to attain Universal Health Coverage, this was shared by Minister for National Health Services Saira Afzal Tarar while addressing Commonwealth Health Minister's meeting at the World Health Assembly in Geneva. Since taking office in   2013,   the   Prime   Minister   accorded   the   highest priority to ensuring access of quality health-care to all with special focus on the poorest of the poor, the minister said. Pakistan, recognizes the importance of health security as a bridge to peace and sustainability, and the role that

 Leveraging the nationally representative database of poor families in the country, the Federal Government has   launched   the   Prime   Minister’s   National   Health Program,   with   an   aim   to   prevent   100   million population   from   catastrophic   health   expenditures across the country in a phased manner. Thousands of patients across the country have benefitted from freequality   treatment   provided  under  this   program   fromboth public  and private  sector health  facilities for  a range of ailments that require hospitalization. With strong political commitment for Universal Health Coverage   reforms,   the   Government   of   Pakistan continues to strive to ensure effective health financing for its population in a reformed health sector, added the Minister.·the   health   sector   can   play   in   strengthening   global security,   including   preparedness   and   response   to public health threats and disasters. All political parties in   Pakistan   have   recently   ratified   Sustainable Development   Goals   as   the   National   Development Agenda   and have endorsed the target  for  Universal Health   Coverage. Federal and provincial governments have lately committed to enhancing   public  health   spending   by   endorsing   the National  Vision  2025  and   the  National  Health   Vision2016-25.