Health Minister shares highlights of her Ministrys 4 year performance

June 09, 2017

 -          Polio brought down to 2 cases from 306


-          Vaccine coverage for nine diseases increased by 20 percent – Rated best Program out of 78 countries by Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization. ISO Certification of Vaccine Management and Storage System as per global standards.


-          Prudent procurement and fiscal discipline - 1.8 Billion Rupees saved only in one vaccine procurement


-          ISO Certification of Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination


-          Appointment of PhD nurse as President Nursing first time.


-          Online and same day registration of nurses.



-          Pakistan won Global T.B. Champion Award for best detection and free treatment of cases


-          Malaria reduced by 34 percent



-          Pakistan wins election of highest global health body – WHO Executive Board  



-          77 percent increase in health development budget 2017-18


-          PMDC purged of conflict of interest


-          National Health Vision launched, National Dashboard established



Islamabad 08 June 2017   Minister for National Health Services Saira Afzal Tarar addressing a Press Conference today shared 4 year performance of her Ministry.

She said when her Government took office Pakistan was experiencing a raging polio epidemic. Hundreds of Pakistan children were being crippled by the disease. We accepted the challenge under leadership of the Prime Minister and last year Pakistan reported only 20 cases whereas half of 2017 has passed and the country has reported 2 cases of polio.

Pakistan’s immunization program against 9 diseases was reformed with World Class Vaccine Management System. Vaccination coverage has been enhanced by 15 to 20 percent whereas free pneumococcal, Rota and IPV vaccine has been added for all Pakistani children.

Through fiscal discipline and prudent procurement we were able to save 1.8 Billion rupees only in procurement of one vaccine against five diseases – Pentavalent vaccine. Through successful negotiations with World Bank we were able to secure 180 Million US Dollars for sustainability of Pakistan’s Immunization Program for mothers and children, the Minister said.

Nursing sector has been completely transformed. First time in the country’s history a PhD nurse was appointed as President Nursing Council whereas same day online registration was introduced replacing outdated and cumbersome registration process.

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council was revamped. The body was purged of conflict of interest for the first time.

Major improvements were made in disease control with best detection and free treatment of T.B. recognized globally as Pakistan was awarded Global T.B. Champion Award for best detection and treatment. Malaria has been reduced by 34 percent.

Keeping in view our performance in development projects this year our budgetary allocation in PSDP has been enhanced by 77 percent from 30.6 Billion last year to 54.4 Billion this year.

She said we believe in performance and have by Allah Almighty’s help and guidance made every effort to live up to promise made to the people when they entrusted us with this responsibility through their vote.