Land Mark Health Dashboard Launched

April 20, 2016

 Islamabad, 20-04-2016: Minister, National Health Services Saira Afzal Tarar, said Ministry of NHSRC in July 2015, after consultations with provincial health departments, international aid agencies and development partners notified the establishment of a Health Planning, Systems Strengthening and Information Analysis Unit (HPSIU). The unit focuses to provide national level guidance and facilitation for policy and planning, supporting health services through provincial health departments to achieve uniformity and equity across the country. This unit will function as a knowledge management hub for producing national level aggregated figures and numbers for country level reporting in response to Pakistan’s signatory commitments to International treaties and the Sustainable Development Goals – 2030. Minister said that unit will function to conduct analysis, dissemination and use of reliable quality and timely information on health determinants, health system performance and health status. While She was Addressing the inaugural session of Health Information and Knowledge Hub – Integrated Health Information Dashboard to day in Islamabad.

Minister said, the HPSIU has developed an integrated on-line interactive health information dashboard, through linkages with provincial Departments of Health. The dashboard is linked with provincial routine health information systems and their own dashboards (DHIS system and dashboard, M&E dashboard in Sindh). Additionally besides the linking of routine health information system, the integrated dashboard, is understood to act as a management console for health managers and policy makers through linkage with recent national level health and social sector surveys (i.e. PSLM, PDHS, MICS, NNS), and Information Systems of vertical preventive health programs .i.e. EPI, AIDS, TB, LHWs, MNCH& hepatitis programmes.

Minister said, the dashboard will facilitate presentation of national level figures on key development goals, and health indicators at international fora. It is simultaneously understood to guide national level stewardship for more uniform, equitable and effective health services delivery, regulation and coordination across all the provinces of the country. Such derivations are targeted towards developing and maintaining a better and healthier Pakistani populace that can better and amply contribute towards better health status among regional countries and comity of nations.

Minister said that within less than three years of creation of Ministry of National Health Services a major reform agenda has been under taken.

A web based vaccine tracking system has been established in 86 districts of the country. The system has been declared comparable to system of developed countries by recently concluded GAVI high level mission. Minister further said that major reforms are being introduced in the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan and it will be soon meet international standers.

On this occasion Federal Minister of Planning Ahsan Iqbal congratulating the Ministry of National Health Services said that this step is critical to implementation one of the areas under vision 2025.

Health management information system is critical to and efficient health care system without health there is can be no economic progress.

Although delivery of health care services is responsibility is province, Federal Government has an important in providing a platform for coordination sharing of the experiences and healthy competition between provinces. He stressed the importance of sustainability in donor assistances projects and said succession planning is critical to institutionalize these initiatives.

“For citizens to be healthy, the health system itself must be strong.  The government of Pakistan recognizes this,” USAID Mission Director John Groarke said.  “The United States and Pakistan worked together to renovate this office so employees have the tools they need to do their vital work.” 

As part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen Pakistan’s health systems, the U.S. Agency for International Development refurbished the office space of the Health Planning, Systems Strengthening and Information Analysis Unit at the Ministry of Health.  U.S. and Pakistani officials inaugurated the renovated facility today.