We will not be deterred by terrorist attacks on health workers Saira Afzal Tarar

March 18, 2015

 Islamabad, the 18th March, 2015:-   Minister for National Health Services Saira Afzal Tarar has said that the entire nation has risen decisively against terrorist and time has come to rid the country of this menace once and for all. Attacks like Youhana Abad and those on polio workers in Mansehra and Khyber Agency are cowardly and a sign that terrorist are on the run and now attacking soft targets.   She held out the assurance that there will be no interruption in the health campaigns that are meant to safeguard the health and future of our children. She called on the people to frustrate the designs of these enemies of Pakistan and our children.   Condemning in the strongest terms the recent attacks on polio workers she said they are martyrs who are performing a noble task and attack on them is an attack on humanity. No civilized nation can accept such brazen violence against theses messengers of hope.   The Minister said that she is convening an emergency meeting tomorrow to review security for polio teams in which Director General, National Crisis Management Cell, Ministry of Interior, will give briefing based on reports received from Provinces.