WHO Regional Head congratulates Health Minister on introducing National Health Vision 2025


 Islamabad, the 28th September, 2016  Regional Head of World Health Organization Dr. Ala Alwan in a letter addressed to Minister for National Health Services Saira Afzal Tarar has congratulated her on introducing National Health Vision 2025.


The Regional Chief of the global health body termed launch of the vision as ground breaking and historical event. He said the document paves an ambitious role towards drastically improved health gains for every citizen of Pakistan.


Eulogizing the political will and leadership of the government in this regard, Dr. Ala Alwan said the vision was a clear demonstration of the capacity of the government at large and in particular the strong leadership of Ministry of National Health Services to take the health sector forward so that benefit of 18th Constitutional amendment that devolves health services to the provinces, are fully realized.


The Regional Head also praised the Provincial leaderships on this landmark achievement.


It may be recalled that last month Ministry of National Health Services and all the provinces and Federating areas endorsed the document of National Health Vision 2025 and pledged to work together for better health. The National Vision of Health is in line with Vision 2025, international health priorities and based on provincial realities, within the framework of post 18thAmendment Constitutional roles and rresponsibilities to improve the health and quality of life of all Pakistanis, particularly women and children, through access to essential health services.