Sr.No Title Date Download
1 COVID-19 Data Access Request Form June 03, 2020
2 SOPs for Foreign Nationals Medical Practitioners March 12, 2020
3 Application form for NOC for nurses to proceed abroad March 12, 2020
4 Application form for obtaining NOC from ministry for doctors desiring temporary registration with PM&DC March 12, 2020
5 Application form for attestation of documents from m/o national health services regulations & coordination, islamabad for doctors, paramedics, pharmacists, homeopathics, nurses, tabibs and physiotherapists desiring to proceed abroad for job March 13, 2020
6 Application form for obtaining a certificate from ministry for doctors desiring to proceed abroad for post-graduation studies March 04, 2020
7 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for attestation/NOC/Letter of Need October 01, 2019